It would appear a personal website is now compulsory. So here's mine. This is the home of Tarkie, and myself when I'm neither of the other two. Its a place where I can ramble about my work for the employers I have (where permitted), the hobbies I have little time for, and the things which eat up the other time. It's a place where people can find me, hopefully relate, and between us we can make the world a better place.
It is amazing within the IT world, how many people I meet who have Photography as a hobby, and it is becoming a serious hobby for me. Im going to use this site as a host for some of my photo's where I'm continuing to learn how to take seriously good photo's and then use my site to host my growing library of images.

The harbour to the left is Abersoch which is on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales, about two and a half hours drive from my home. The beaches are very picturesque and it's an ideal place to be quiet, and take some shots.

Incident Response is an interesting life, its certainly not a role. But what makes it truly interesting is when it exists in your life as a Jekyll an Hyde arrangement where you are working from either end of the spectrum and trying to make the ends meet in the middle. As a member of the SANS Internet Storm Center, and as a head of a team within a financial company, it is interesting to see the majorly sharp end of what incidents bring and how that can impact a global organisation which more systems on their network than people who live in a Modesto, in California.

In a mirror of one to the other, the ISC has recently welcomed aboard two new Handlers, and welcome from me to Chris and Richard, and two new Handlers to my day job team, and a thanks to Andy, and Conor.

At the ISC we've also had a change of boss. Marc Sachs has handed over the keys to the Internet to allow him to spend the time he needs with his new job, and we'll hopefully catch up soon to have another beer, and talk about the latest pictures of failed embedded Windows systems he's found.