16 January 2011

And we're back from the break, in three, two, one....

After a longer than expected migration from hosting Tarkie.net myself to getting a hosted provider, we’re back in the land of the living.

An unusual driver was moving from Satellite to cable TV which along with it brought new broadband, and new telephone. Consequently i lost my static IP’s and with it my hosting which I had forgotten about completely until my lady wife asked where her website had gone!

Then techie geekness overtook reality. Did i need 0.1 of a CPU, or a custom built hosting arrangement with Quad Xeons? Did I need 1Gb of memory, or is 4Gb for an extra payment per month make it a bargain?

I went through the “Oh I give up, lets ask some of the guys in the office”, and then I not only had my deliberations to contend with, but also all of those from an office full of geeks.

So, in the end, I’ve used the Internet for what its for, moving content around. So the sites back, my DNS is repointed and with my new hosting provider here I’ll stay until I’ve got the time to realise what I’ve ordered is either way to much, or not enough. Thats unless of course Goldilocks was right.